grltopfr.jpg (18120 bytes)          A Few Training Tips

Dogs don't like being sprayed in the face with water.  If you keep a spray bottle on hand, the type with adjustable spray, you can spritz them a little to make them stop undesirable behavior.  Near, it's a fine spray and farther, it's a light stream.   It's painless and you can say stop or no when doing it, then quickly praise them for obeying as they pause to dry their face off.

If they're chewing on furniture or whatever, put some Tabasco sauce on the item.   They hate it and once they try it, all you need is a watered down essence of it on things, just to let them smell the nasty stuff.  Puppies are like people babies, they think if they can reach it, it's for them and the mouth is the first place it goes.  The easiest thing to do is make the no-nos undesirable.

Also, when a pup or dog displeases a dog higher up in the pack heirarchy, the higher-ranking one wraps his mouth around the back of the neck of the erring one and pushes him down, forcing him down to the ground.  The misbehaver then rolls onto his back, a submissive posture.  To mimic this in training, put your hand around the top of the dog's neck and push him straight down to the ground.  If he doesn't roll onto his back, then roll him over yourself.  Praise him for reacting well to this.  This innate, natural doggie behavior is why it is difficult to train some dogs to lie down, it's the ultimate submissive posture to them and the stronger willed ones don't "feel" like being submissive.   This doesn't come up much with Papillons.  They're such pleasing dogs.  But IF you have a problem, try this.

Another training issue is to precede your dog thru doorways rather than holding the door open for them and then going out, shutting the door behind you.  Alpha dogs lead the pack.